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Grayne™ Reveals Cedar Shingles’ Brand New Solution

Cedar has a rich history of bringing warmth and charm to homes. But retaining the beauty of natural cedar wood often means high maintenance. Today, the innovative new line of Grayne™ engineered shake & shingle siding from The Tapco Group.
Offering all of the rich, riveting details found in aged cedar, Grayne creates an enchanting home exterior with a warm, welcoming look and feel—from curbside to doorstep. When compared with cedar wood, Grayne takes authenticity and durability to unprecedented levels. Tapco’s premier Grayne offering, the Plain Sawn Shingle profile features true-to-life graining patterns to create the natural depth and shadows of genuine sawn cedar wood for a striking on-house appearance. Grayne’s unique engineering and robust construction ensure the lowest possible upkeep for beauty that withstands time and the elements. Grayne is a one-of-a-kind solution for homeowners and professionals who desire cedar’s benefits without the work.

For picturesque homes, Grayne’s nature-inspired color palette includes 6 pre- finished colors. Warm undertones and light and dark points, just like those found in natural cedar, match the splendid color variations of shingles crafted from aged cedar. Through its durable design, Grayne provides dimensional stability for permanent, straight, clean lines. Grayne shingles never cup or curl like cedar. Grayne features a collection of uniquely patterned shingles to mimic cedar’s natural variations and maximize authenticity.

With unrivaled craftsmanship and artistry down to the finest detail, Grayne has natural wood grain textures on all visible surfaces, from butt edges to keyways, replicating the cutting process used for making cedar shingles. Grayne shingles feature cedar’s crisp, sharp edges at every turn, too. With deep, authentic keyways, all shingles provide natural shadow-casting for the true, detailed appearance of cedar. Grayne’s patent-pending, dual-offset installation method also means it can be installed in the same layout as cedar shingles with no keyway stacks, capturing cedar’s exact on-house aesthetics.

Delivering formidable moisture resistance, Grayne is a strong, specially engineered composite with a high-performance, weather-resistant surface. To complete the stunning look of any home, Grayne can be used in harmony with other beautiful Tapco solutions, such as Kleer® Trimboard products, offered as an exclusive Grayne accessory package. In addition to natural cedar replacement, the new shingles can replace or complement fiber-cement and engineered wood elements. For the authentic appearance of natural cedar wood without the upkeep, Grayne offers a compelling, new take on today’s cedar shingles.

About The Tapco Group

Grayne is a product of The Tapco Group®, a U.S. Green Building Council member. For more information, call 1-888-269-1169 or visit http://grayne.com/

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