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Foundry Specialty Siding Lets Homeowners Express Their Creative Side

Siding is often the first thing you notice on homes, so selecting the right product is essential. You want to enhance aesthetics, build value, and boost resale potential. You don’t want your neighbor’s run-of-the-mill siding. Consider what<

Foundry siding gives contractors, architects, builders, and consumers more intriguing design and color selections with the authentic appearance of cedar and stone. Foundry also provides unrivaled durability and is virtually maintenance-free. Designed for creative applications, Foundry gives every home architectural integrity and mesmerizing curb appeal.

When choosing designs and colors, consider your goals. Do you want your siding to match or complement the colors in your roofing, trim, or deck—or are you replacing or renovating exterior decor in the future? Do you want your house to pop or blend into the neighborhood? Are you staying in your home long-term or preparing to sell? These factors should influence your creative decisions.

Start with your favorite design and build from there. Foundry’s cedar Shake collection offers Split Shake and Staggered Shake with deep, authentic textures and hand-split cedar’s warmth, grooves, and grain. The classic Shingle collection boasts refined detail and natural surface textures. Available in Fish Scale and Round designs, the bold Shapes collection draws attention with its finely crafted details, which add dimension. Foundry’s collection of Brick, Stacked Stone, and Limestone offers rugged, natural aesthetics created by molds cast from real stone.

All Foundry designs offer resplendent colors, including new Rustic Cedar, available in Shake and Shingle. Express warmth with inviting Shake hues, such as Driftwood and Red Cedar. Or, choose sublime Aged Cedar or Golden Straw—or vibrant Juniper or Moonlight—in Shingle, which offers the perfect palette for every taste. Drawn to Shapes? Revel in Snow, Oceanside, or another shade that enriches exterior details. With alluring colors such as Sundance (Brick) and Desert Canyon (Limestone), Foundry Stone makes it a breeze to create a custom look that reflects your personality, especially when installed alongside Shake or Shingle.

With Foundry Accessories, including Corners, J-Channels, Starter Strips, and Fullback Foam Panels, you can create a seamless, flawless finish—and boost home energy efficiency. With its beauty and brawn, Class A Fire Resistance, and Limited Lifetime Warranty, Foundry gives professionals and consumers confidence. So get creative with Foundry siding today and make your home unforgettable.

Foundry Siding offerings are products of The Tapco Group®, a U.S. Green Building Council member. For more information, call 1-866-288-2726 or visit www.TheTapcoGroup.com A leading provider of easy to install, premium innovative interior and exterior products, The Tapco Group has served the building industry since 1961, specializing in the manufacturing of roofing, siding, decking, trim, tool systems, egress systems and siding components. The products combine versatile application, durability, vast color palettes and uncommon authenticity to exceed the expectations of contractors and homeowners. The Tapco Group – Genuinely Better Building Products™.